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acolyte_eleni's Journal

Name: Revered Daughter Eleni
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: cleric (Fourth Age); lawyer (?) (Fifth Age)

Age 18: I was born in Palanthas the year Her Excellency Crysania of Tarinius became High Clerist, so I suppose it was inevitable that I would become an acolyte of Paladine. Since girlhood I have been drawn to a life of letters and ideas, scorning the fate of priviledge to which I had been born which condemned me to be married off as a brood mare for the pride of some ancient house or other. My soul yearned for more, and I have found a haven in the Temple at Palanthas. Here I may truly serve, and learn. Life in the Inner Circle of the city is an exiting experience as those of Temple, Tower and Library interact and debate philosophy. I have truly found my home.

Age 36: I now live in Solanthus, having fled Palanthas in the wake of the Chaos War like a rat abandoning a sinking ship. In this I was not alone, as it seems all in this accursed world have turned their backs on honor. My white robes have been cast away, traded for a widow's green, for though Paladine has abandoned me, I shall never break my vows to Him. I refuse to marry or to join with the so-called mystics at the Citadel of Light. (How in the name of all that is holy can faith exist without Deity at its center?) Nor will I take up the sword, as so many Solamnic maidens do now. My devotion to peace cannot be so easily cast aside. I serve as I can, as a legal scholar for the Council, but I find scant comfort in it. My life has lost its center.